Avoid Being the Victim of Theft!

TextbookTheftIt’s a sad fact of our world; Unattended laptops, textbooks, campus IDs, and bags attract thieves. It’s that time when we need remind everyone: PLEASE be careful with your belongings.

While it’s true that campus police report that on-campus thefts tend to increase during the last weeks of every semester, we’re really never free of being vigilant about our personal property.  But raising awareness of this issue can help prevent some theft.

Please do not step away from your valuables, even for a short trip to the copier, printer or restroom.

Ask a friend to watch them for you or (better yet) take them with you. If something is stolen from you while you are in Milne, please do report it to us at the Service Desk. Often, items are turned in by caring souls for your protection and you just might find it is being held for you, but even if it is not, we can help with reporting the loss to University Police. Don’t let the ‘bad guys’ get away with it!