New librarians develop their teaching skills

Several Milne librarians attended a recent workshop jointly hosted by St. John Fisher College and SUNY Geneseo aimed at giving new librarians the skills they need to be effective classroom teachers. The workshop was taught by St. John Fisher education faculty member Jeff Liles (formerly of SUNY Geneseo) and Milne librarian Kim Davies.

Librarians were introduced to theories of educational philosophy and provided with classroom examples. The attendees found the workshop to be extremely helpful and were impressed with the presenters’ teaching styles and ability to put their concepts into action.

The workshop was also an opportunity to meet with other librarians and share experiences and concerns about teaching. These new librarians will be teaching library instruction classes this semester individually and as part of teams.

New Technology Training for Faculty and Staff!

Technology Training is once again being offered for interested faculty and staff, taught by CIT and Milne Library staff. Anyone interested in attending these sessions should send an email to Laura Cook in CIT at [email protected] Include the following information in your email:

  • class(es) you want to attend
  • if you have a Windows or Mac computer
  • if you will be bringing your own notebook computer

Microsoft Word Classes (taught by Steve Dresbach, Milne Library):
January 12 Create Brochures & Newsletters

Microsoft Excel Classes (taught by Laura Cook, CIT):
January 10 Advanced Formulas & Functions
January 11 Advanced Tools & Techniques

Microsoft Powerpoint Classes (taught by Steve Dresbach, Milne Library):
January 12 Create Multimedia Presentations

Microsoft Access Classes (taught by John Haley, Administration & Finance):
January 11, 16, 18 MS Access Series

Content Management System (CMS) Classes (taught by Gang Wang, CIT & John Haley, Administration & Finance):
January 11 Basics Classes:
January 18 Menu Management
January 25 Images
February 1 Linking to Files

Google Scholar, Earth, Desktop Classes (taught by Rich Dreifuss, Milne Library):
January 10 Google

Welcome to another New Librarian, Theresa Mastrodonato

Starting on December 11th, Theresa Mastrodonato began work in Milne Library as a part-time reference librarian. Theresa recently completed her coursework towards a Masters in Library Science at the University at Buffalo and has a BA in computer science from SUNY Geneseo. Before completing her MLS, Theresa worked as a Team Leader in Technical Support at Sutherland Global Services for 7 years. She worked with several different programs providing support for both hardware and software issues.

Theresa grew up in Rochester and has also lived in Fairbanks, Alaska. She looks forward to finally reading “fun” books and going to the movies now that school is over! One of Theresa’s current projects is teaching herself Macromedia Dreamweaver and learning the Milne Library “ropes”. Welcome to the library, Theresa!

Welcome to our newest librarian, Justina Elmore

Milne Library recently hired three new librarians and we are pleased to introduce them to the SUNY Geneseo community. Today we profile Justina Elmore, who started work at Milne on December 4th, 2006.
Justina spent the past 8 years in fund-raising and community development and most recently served as the Assistant Director of Development at SUNY Brockport. She finished her Masters’ degree work at the University at Buffalo in December 2006 and will receive her MLS in February 2007. Justina lives in Brighton, but grew up in Colorado. Her major sport in high school was Rodeo and she loves to kayak, hike, and camp. Having grown up out on the prairie, Justina has become an avid waterfall hunter since moving to New York state in 2001. Her recent hobbies include riding motorcycles (she just learned to ride last May) and a recent interest in skiing. Yes, she grew up in Colorado, but learned how to ski in NY!

Important Printing Account balance information

Still printing out research papers and take-home final exams? Worried about the limit on your printing account balance? Since it’s almost the end of the semester, many students have been asking library and CIT staff about their printing account balance. Corey Ha, Milne Library’s Technology Specialist, answers some questions regarding the printing balance.
Q: What is the initial printing balance?

Students are provided with $30 of free-of-charge printing during each semester.
Q: What happens to the printing balance from Fall semester?
Any positive printing balance remaining at the end of the Fall semester will be carried over and added to $30 of free-of-charge printing balance in the Spring semester. (Note: If the printing balance is in the negative, it won’t be carried over. Student will just receive $30 of free-of-charge printing for the Spring semester).
Q: What happens to the printing balance from Spring semester?
Any printing balance remaining at the end of the Spring semester will be carried over to the Summer. Students registered for a summer session will have $15 of free-of-charge balance added to their account.
Q: What happens when my printing balance reaches $0 and I want to increase it?
When your balance reaches zero, you can no longer print to student access printers. Students can increase their printing account balance by going to the Student Accounts Office, Erwin 103, Monday – Friday, 8am – 5pm. The minimum increase is $5.
Check CIT’s website for further printing account balance information and printing policies.

Need a blue book for your final?

Scrambling to get to that final exam on time and find yourself without a blue book? Look no further than Milne’s Circulation Desk! The library provides many different office supplies for a small fee, including blue books, recordable DVDs, white-out, pencils, highlighters and more. Check our Library Store webpage for a complete list of the items we stock and their prices.

Final Exam Hours

Library hours have been posted on the website for upcoming final exams. For the week of December 10th through 14th, the library will be open every night until 1:00 AM. On Friday and Saturday, December 15th and 16th, the library is open until 9pm. Books ‘N’ Bytes Cafe will be open until 11:00 PM from December 10th through December 14th, closed Saturday the 16th, then reopens again on the 17th at 2:00pm.

For more details, check our Library Hours webpage…

New look for IDS webpages

If you have visited the Milne Library website within the past few days, you may have noticed a change in the Information Delivery Services (IDS) login and webpages. Due to an upgrade in the ILLiad software, the “look” of the page has been modified to resemble the rest of the Milne Library website. The new webpages have many benefits:

  • immediate access to a list of your outstanding IDS requests
  • main menu of ILLiad will be available from every screen
  • “Subscribe to Alerts Feed” allows for instant notification of special announcements and new features

If you are having trouble navigating the new webpages or need more information about IDS, please contact Mark Sullivan ([email protected]) for assistance.

Research Help at the library!

It’s that time of year again — Thanksgiving Break is over and now you are scrambling to get that research paper done before finals begin. Did you know you can get help with your tough research assignments at Milne Library? Library faculty are trained and ready to assist students with finding resources and materials for their research. Students have several options when looking for help:

Thanksgiving Break Hours

Milne Library’s Thanksgiving Break hours go into effect Tuesday, November 21st. The library is open the following days and times during the Thanksgiving Break period:

Tuesday, November 21st: 7:30 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.
Wednesday, November 22nd: 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Thursday, November 23rd through Saturday, November 25th: CLOSED
Sunday, November 26th: 6:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.

Our regular semester hours resume on Monday, November 27th at 7:30 a.m.
For more information on library hours, visit the Hours link on the Library homepage.