A New Home for the Center for Academic Excellence

Center for Academic Excellence in Milne Library

As students were off for the summer – enjoying warm temperatures, taking a well-deserved break from school and making money through summer jobs – projects and activities in Milne Library went into overdrive.

One of many moves within the library positively affected the Center for Academic Excellence (CAE).  Relocated to a larger space (what once was the Genesee Valley Study Room) and enhanced by additional services, the CAE is realizing its dream of becoming a one-stop academic stop for students.

Students should feel free to stop in if they need assistance in any of the following services:

Enhanced features of the CAE include a student concierge service that will serve as the welcoming point into the center, on-the-spot writing support (no longer on an appointment basis), an almost sound-proof testing center, and closer proximity for essential academic support units so that easier transition can take place between course content, research and writing.

Reference Librarians are currently providing research assistance in the CAE and all other services will begin in earnest, starting September 6.

For further information and hours of operation, see the newly created homepage for the Center for Academic Excellence.

The new CAE is located on the main floor of Milne Library.

Imagine this…

Looking for ways to indulge your creative spirit? Milne Library’s Imaginarium and TERC areas are bursting with resources and equipment to help you create craft projects, lesson plans or displays (at the very least).

The Teacher Education Resource Center (TERC), located on Milne Library’s Lower Level, offers students a large collection of curriculum resources for preK-12 instruction, including textbooks, videos, puppets, audio and manipulatives, as well as an extensive selection of fiction and non-fiction books for juvenile and young adult readers.

The Imaginarium, located across from the TERC area, contains a die-cut machine, and die-cuts for creating projects. A small selection of craft supplies is usually available, however, users should bring their own paper. The room also contains a table for creating lesson plans or working on projects. We’ve even got a Pinterest board with some ideas for projects!

Both areas are open whenever the library is open and are available for use by students, faculty and community members.

Please feel free to contact Education Librarian, Michelle Costello[email protected]– with any questions or comments.

New Home in Milne for Digital Media Lab

DML Logo

DML LogoThe Digital Media Lab in Milne Library, a collaboration between CIT and Milne, had a very successful inaugural year.  This past summer, the DML moved to a new location in Milne to meet the growing needs of the campus community and to give users an even better experience.  The renovated DML now occupies the former location of the Center for Academic Excellence, an enclosed area with more space, on the library’s main level next to the new office of Dave Parfitt (Director of the Teaching and Learning Center).

Digital Media Lab
Renovated and Newly Located DML in Milne

The DML was created to give students a place to design and create exciting media projects for their classes and to support faculty as they continue to expand their use of instructional technologies. The lab is open during the same hours as the library; professional staff and students are available to help the Geneseo campus community with their digital media needs through consultations and workshops. Several types of media equipment (video cameras, portable hard disk drives, etc.) are available for signout at the service desk. More information about the Digital Media Lab, along with a list of equipment for signout, can be found at http://www.geneseo.edu/dml.

GLOCAT+ is research made easy

GLOCAT+ Example

Searching Milne Library’s print and digital collections has never been easier. GLOCAT+ is the only tool you need to find books, journal articles, multimedia, and everything else that Milne Library has to offer. Featuring a single search box and powerful facets to hone in on what you’re looking for, GLOCAT+ quickly connects you to the resources most relevant to your needs. You can even save specific resources and export them in APA, MLA, and other popular citation styles.

Give GLOCAT+ a try today and experience research made easy.

New Copiers and Microform Scanners Come to Milne

ST ViewScan Scanner Station


Gone are the days of bringing coins to Milne Library or asking for change at the service desk in order to use the copy machines in Milne. New for the start of the Fall 2012 semester, students, staff and faculty will be able to use the copiers in Milne simply by entering their SUNY Geneseo username and password on a touch screen display or by passing their SUNY Geneseo ID cards in front of an attached card reader. Cost of the copies will be automatically deducted from their printer balance.

Coin Free Copiers

Each floor of the library has one copier:

Lower Floor: black & white copier located along the wall between the Microforms and Indexes & Guides.
Main Floor: color/black & white copier located in the study area. This copier automatically detects whether you are printing color or black and white and charges the appropriate amount.
Upper Floor: black & white copier located in the new Census and Data Demographics Data room.

Community guests will have access to the copiers too. They will need to stop at the Service Desk in Milne so a staff member can get them logged in to the copier.


Microform Readers

If you have been hesitant to view and scan microform (microfilm, microfiche & microcard) because of  big, bulky equipment, hesitate no more.

ST ViewScan
ST ViewScan Microform Scanner

Milne Library has replaced its large microform readers/scanners with two state-of- the-art, all-digital  ST ViewScan scanners, giving users greater flexibility in how they scan microform. These scanners, located on the lower level, are fast and produce excellent high quality scans.

ST ViewScan Scanner Station
ST ViewScan Scanner Station

The scanners are equipped with their own MS Windows software that is easy to use so you can get the exact scan you need, plus the ability to easily save your scans (right to your Google Drive, if you like). Stop in soon and give one a try — you won’t be disappointed.

Social Networking for Professionals Workshop

Crossing over the personal and professional self

Become familiar with some of the social media technologies the savvy professional will need, including social networks, social bookmarking, and other relevant web 2.0 applications


Thursday, August 23, 3:30 – 4:30 pm
Milne 121

*Required Ruby Certificate Workshop

AOP Summer Program

Students with puppets!

Milne Library hosted over a hundred AOP students this summer for various classes and workshops. During one workshop, the students did a self-tour of the library, taking photos of library staff and materials. Take a look!

Students with puppets!     

Does Milne Have My Textbook?

Milne library has a growing collection of required course texts for many of the courses taught on campus. Most are available for 4 hour loan at the Service Desk.

If Milne doesn’t have the text or course reading that you need on reserve at the Service Desk, you may be able to find it in the general collection.  Here are a few ways to find out:

  1. Search for the title in GLOCAT+ to see if we have it in the library’s general collection.
  2. Search for the title of your textbook on our How Do I Find My Course Texts library guide to see if we have it on 4 hour reserve at the Service Desk.
  3. Search for it in IDS Search to see if we can borrow it for you from another library.