Malware Alert: Will Your Computer Access the Internet after July 9?

If your computer has malware called Rove Digital or DNS Malware, the experts say you won’t.

DNS Malware is a type of malware that affects both Mac and PC’s by changing the way your computer accesses web addresses.  If your computer has this malware, you computer will no longer be able to access the internet on July 9.

To see of your computer is infected with this malware, you can check the DNS Changer Check-up website operated by the FBI.  If your computer has the virus, you can download the anti-virus tool from this same site.  For more information on the DNS Malware, see the FBI’s press release.

Supporting Innovation in Liberal Arts Education

Photo By: Flickr User Interact Egypt – Play Innovation

Milne Library’s very own Mark Sullivan has been accepted by the National Institute for Technology in Liberal Education (NITLE) as a member of their Innovation Studio Team.  The Innovation Studio offers a format for librarians, information technologists, and others from across the NITLE Network to “tackle thorny challenges facing liberal education.”  The Innovation Studio is charged with producing cutting-edge solutions to critical issues in liberal education and a group of entrepreneurial, knowledgeable leaders who are prepared to build a strong future for liberal education.

Mark Sullivan is perfect for this role and we’re excited to see how this project develops!  As part of the Milne Library Management Team, he has worked to find solutions for maintaining and improving the Library’s level of service in a declining budget.  He’s our secret weapon and “man behind the curtain” for the IDS Project’s systems, the Getting It System Toolkit (GIST) and the open journal system (OJS).  When asked what Mark perceived as a current “thorny issue” he stated that the rising cost of journals is having a big impact on all aspects of the library’s budget.  He thinks we should address this issue with Open Access Journal Systems.

Mark Sullivan, newly-minted member of NITLE’s Innovation Studio

Mark is imaginative and often sees alternatives that others do not.  He is comfortable taking the lead or being a team player and has strong research skills, especially in technology and law (for which he has a J.D.).  Milne Library is fortunate to have had him as the Systems Administrator for twelve years; his responsibilities have included designing and writing several web and desktop applications and the traditional server maintenance.  In January, 2011, Mark became the Chair of the ITS Department in Milne Library, and two of his biggest weaknesses are chocolate and puns!

We should also mention that CIT’s Kirk Anne has also had his proposal accepted for the Innovation Lab! You can read more about both SUNY Geneseo tech wizards here on the Innovation Studio’s blog.

Library Hours During Finals

Library Hours for Finals Spring 2012

Make sure you pay attention! We’ve extended our hours for Friday and Saturday so that you can keep working, but once finals are over, the Library will be closing by 4:00 PM instead of our usual times.

Happy Studying!

Need help citing those sources?

Access to most of the commonly used styles are just a click away.  You can find them on the Milne Library website under Research Help, Citation Guide.

If you’d prefer a print copy, the Service Desk has copies available for a 4 hour loan.

Additionally, a reference librarian can walk you through citing any or those sources that you might find tricky.  Reference librarians are available during the hours listed below:

Monday-Thursday:  10:00AM-10:00PM
Friday:   10:00AM-2:00PM
Saturday:   12:00PM-5:00PM
Sunday:  3:00PM -9:00PM

Digital Photography Gallery

Digital Photography II 2012

Have you noticed the collection of photos hanging in Books-n-Bytes cafe? For several years we’ve had the pleasure of offering a space to display the products of the Digital Photography II class, run by Professor Michael Teres in Studio Art. Each semester, he and the students swap out between 20-30 original pieces, giving the cafe a whole new look every few weeks.

The current show has works from Michael Krieger, Lauren Hannel, Carman Chung, Meghan Munisteri, and Jonathan Baek. Stop by and check them out! And if you’ve got a favorite, leave us a note in the comments.

Submit your GREAT Day work for publication!

Students, if you are participating in GREAT Day this year you should consider submitting your presentation for publication in the 2012 GREAT Day Proceedings!  Begin by reading the submission guidelines, where you will be asked first to register for an account at OJS (Open Journal Systems), the online system we are using to publish the Proceedings.  You’ll want  to discuss this opportunity with your GREAT Day presentation adviser, and make sure you have his or her support in submitting your paper for publication.

The 2012 Proceedings will be published in the rigorous style of an academic journal. Every paper submitted will be reviewed by a faculty panel, and only the best will be chosen to represent Geneseo. This means it will be even more impressive when you list this publication on your resume! You will be contacted with the outcome of the review process by the end of summer.

If you have problems submitting your paper, please contact librarians Sue Ann Brainard ([email protected]) or Joe Easterly ([email protected]) for help.

Help us improve the Milne Library website!

We are seeking student participants for a usability study of Milne Library’s new website. Each study will take approximately an hour and your participation will help us improve the website’s design and navigation. Each participant will receive a $20 gift card!

Two openings available on Wednesday, April 18:

10-11am and 11am-12pm

Apply online at:

Textbook Theft Rises At Semester’s End

It’s that time of the semester when we need be careful with our belongings.  Campus police report that on-campus thefts tend to increase during the last weeks of every semester.  But raising awareness of this issue can help prevent some theft.

Please do not step away from your valuables, even for a short trip to the copier, printer or restroom.

Unattended laptops, textbooks, campus IDs, and bags attract thieves.   Since book buy-back occurs at the end of each semester, securing your textbooks is especially critical.

Ask a friend to watch them for you or (better yet) take them with you.



Now Reading: Geneseo Book Club’s New Selection

Join us April 8th to discuss our book and to enter our contest for a $25 Amazon gift certificate

Geneseo’s Book Club will be starting its next book (Lock and Key by Sarah Dessen) on Sunday, April 8th – this is a great time to join us if we’re interested. Come to Milne 104 (downstairs) at 7pm on April 8th to learn about what we do, get a copy of our next book, and join in the experience!!

Anyone who comes to the April 8th meeting will be entered in a drawing for a $25 Amazon gift card. At the next meeting we will discuss the first section of our new book and draw the winner of the gift card.

Email [email protected] and/or join us on knightlink for more information/any questions!

Milne Library to Loan Pets for Finals Week

image courtesy of deborah|silverbees via Flickr

In an effort to provide stress relief for our students during finals week, the service desk at Milne will have puppies and kittens temporarily available for checkout. For students who would like something more low-key, pet rocks will also be available.

Some well-respected psychology professors on campus have hailed the service, saying “It’s a great idea!” They also referenced some scholarly research stating that pets were great for stress relief and that those who have pets actually live longer.

Unfortunately the exact quotation was missed in a moment of distraction when two ferocious kittens began to wrestle.

Kittens will be on loan for one-day check out, pet rocks will be available for three-day loan, and puppies will be available for four-hour loan. However, some puppies may be available for a one-day loan period depending on how well potty trained they are.

Renovations will begin next week in preparation for these new reserve items. Please pardon our dust while we remove two of the shelving units behind the service desk to accommodate the kennels and scratching posts.  Availability will be limited, so we are taking advance reservations.