Tri-County Teacher Resource Center comes to Milne

The Tri-County Teacher Resource Center (TCTRC) provides a space for pre-service and in-service teachers of the Genesee, Wyoming, Livingston, and Steuben counties to collaborate and communicate by offering suggestions for professional development, as well as requests for free materials for the classroom.  Users can see what types of professional development programs are being offered and can share ideas for future activities.  The TCTRC also owns a wide variety of die cuts for the Accu-Cut die cut machine along with other professional materials.  Educators who are teaching within the serviced counties are able to request and receive paper die cuts through the online Order Form with free processing and delivery.

Help is available in the center located in the lower level of Milne Library at SUNY Geneseo during Monday – Thursday (9am-11am, 3pm-5pm) and Friday (9am-11am).

Upcoming Workshops: Plagiarism, Bookmarking, Information Ethics and more

Milne Library is offering several upcoming workshops.

Plagiarism Workshops

Students plagiarize for many reasons. While some are simply trying to get through a course as easily as possible, others procrastinate and panic, taking a few short cuts to get the assignment done. Some students think that text on a “group-developed” web page like Wikipedia does not have to be cited because it is “common knowledge” (not true!) Others genuinely do not understand how to paraphrase, quote, and cite properly.

In this workshop taught by librarians, students will discuss how copyright laws and plagiarism rules apply to using material from the web. Students will learn how citing correctly can help avoid unintentional plagiarism. Students will also learn how to write a paragraph that successfully and clearly distinguishes paraphrases and quotes from original ideas and language.

  • Monday November 1, 4:00-5:00 PM, Room: Milne 213
  • Wednesday November 3, 5:00-6:00 PM, Room: Milne 213
  • Tuesday November 16, 2:30-3:30 PM, Room: Milne 213
  • Thursday November 18, 7:00-8:00 PM, Room: Milne 213

There is no pre-registration for the plagiarism workshops. Students can just come to the listed classroom at the times above.

GOLD Workshops

The following workshops are a part of the GOLD program, as a part of the Ruby Certificate.  Registration is through the GOLD program website:

Ethics and Laws of Online Information (Ruby Certificate Requirement)
Wednesday, November 3, 2:30-3:30 pm
Milne Library Room 109
Did you know there were laws governing how you can use the information you find on the internet? Students are constantly making ethical decisions and taking legal risks when using the internet. In this workshop, these issues will be explored using scenarios.
Instructor: Sue Ann Brainard, Library Faculty

Using Diigo Bookmarking Tool (Ruby)
Tuesday, November 2, 2:30-3:30 pm
Milne Library Room 104
No longer do you need to print web pages to highlight and take personalized notes! Diigo is a powerful research and collaboration tool that can help you save, organize, and share what you discover on the web. Students will learn how to save, annotate, tag and share their favorite sites while creating their own personal archive.
Instructor: Tracy Paradis, Library Faculty

Microsoft Word: Create Brochures and Newsletters (Ruby)
Tuesday, November 9, 2:30-3:30 pm
Milne Library Room 104 (Location may change–check GOLD web site)
A great way to increase awareness, interest and knowledge in today’s business world is through brochures and newsletters. Use them to promote your next event, advertise a product or location, or publicize a topic of interest. Learn to create these document types by using MS Word’s column, section and graphic features.
Instructor: Steve Dresbach, Technology Instructor, Milne Library

Celebrate Open Access Week at Geneseo

Most scholars would like to have their work read by as many people as possible.  Open Access initiatives can allow this to happen by making the results of scholarly research available to everyone, from community colleges to top-tier research institutions, regardless of the readers’ ability to pay.

To both inform and engage SUNY Geneseo’s scholars through discussions regarding Open Access, as well as celebrate Open Access Week, October 18-24, the staff at Milne Library has organized two events.

1. Faculty Discussion Panel on Open Access.

Thursday, October 21, 2010, 4pm, Wadsworth 21

Following a brief introduction to the concept of open access by librarian Bonnie Swoger, faculty panelists will discuss their experiences publishing in open access journals, making copies of their publications freely available, and encouraging others to publish in open access journals by editing or reviewing for these publications.

  • Jenny Apple (Biology)
  • Savi Iyer (Physics)
  • Brian Morgan (School of Education)
  • Susan Bandoni Muench (Biology)
  • Linda Spencer (Communicative Disorders and Sciences)

Please join us for the discussion about how Open Access is shaping scholarship across the disciplines, how faculty at Geneseo are participating in Open Access, and what this may mean for local questions about tenure and promotion, as well as global questions about the future of scholarship in general.

2.   “Open Access and the Scholarly Landscape”

A talk by Charles Lyons, Scholarly Communications Librarian at the University at Buffalo.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010, 2:30pm, Milne 213

“At first glance, open access, which entails giving academic journal articles away for free instead of charging for them, looks like a scholarly chemistry experiment with explosions guaranteed.  So far, however, the open access movement’s efforts to reshape the landscape of scholarly publishing by promoting the free communication of knowledge have resulted in changes that are far from tectonic.  Are we on the verge of major shocks to a system that some describe as closed, costly, and cumbersome?  This presentation will highlight major achievements and assess the impact open access is having on the way academic research is disseminated and accessed.”

Both events are sponsored by Milne Library and are open to everyone.  Please RSVP by emailing Sonja Landes.