Presentation about the citation database Scopus on Wednesday, 2/4

On Wednesday, February 4th at 1:30pm in Room 104, representatives will be here from Elsevier publishers to discuss their citation database Scopus.

Students are welcome to join us to learn about how Scopus can help you find scholarly research in the life sciences, physical sciences and social sciences.

Scopus can also help you expand your research by identifying which other papers cited a source you already found.

Questions about if Scopus may be useful for you? Try a sample search in the box on the right, watch a quick demo about Scopus, or ask a reference librarian via phone (x5595), email, or in person (at the reference desk in Milne).

First Solar Eclipse of 2009 occured on January 26

Some parts of the world will witness a partial eclipse of the sun today. The moon will pass in front of the sun concealing more than 90 percent of it from view.

See video of today’s Solar Eclipse.

Or visit NASA’s Eclipse website to find information on past and upcoming solar/lunar eclipses and when they’ll be visible in our area. You can also view a Sky Calendar to see what’s visible in our part of the night’s sky.

Other Cool Space related links Check out this site to read about a newly discovered asteroid passing by the earth today only 400,000 miles away. Sign up for email alerts to keep you abreast of news about our Sun/Earth environment.
NASA’s Astronomy pic of the day
Where is Hubble Now? Watch the Hubble Space Telescope orbit the Earth in real time.
Black Holes Begin your journey to a black hole with this interactive media from!
Tonight’s Sky Stargazers–see what’s happening in the heavens this month!
Cosmic Collision See what will happen when Andrameda collides with our galexy with this interactive media from HubbleSite.
Hubble Spacecraft Image gallery Amazing images of Hubble you won’t want to miss.

Where can I find my required course texts?

As SUNY Geneseo students know, Sundance Books is the campus’ main supplier of course texts. Not only does Sundance provide the utmost in convenience, but the person-to-person customer service cannot be matched elsewhere.

Where can students turn when their required texts are not readily available at Sundance?

There are a number of options; some of which may be obvious, while others may provide students with affordable, and in some cases charitable, solutions.

MSNBC recently featured an article providing suggestions on ways that college students can save money on their required textbooks.

Options range from borrowing books from Milne Library and through Information Delivery Services to textbook rentals to swapping books. Each comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. For instance, most libraries do not carry many textbooks. If they do, they may be in such high demand that they rarely lend them to other libraries. Keep in mind that if they do lend them, it will be for a limited amount of time rather than for a whole semester.

Following are a few links that could be of interest:

Textbook Rental

Textbook Swap

Comparison Shop

Textbook Resale

Originally posted September 1, 2008 by Kim Davies Hoffman

Inauguration 2009

Many folks took a few moments for a shared experience of watching our new President take the oath of office today. Students, staff and faculty alike crowded in the Books ‘n Bytes Cafe as well as the main hall to watch on the large screens as Barack Obama and Joe Biden transitioned into their leadership positions.

If you missed it, you can find the complete transcript from ABC News.

You can also view a rebroadcast of the Inauguration on CNN throughout the day or see it in clips on their website.

The New York Times has a transcript of the inaugural poem, recited by Elizabeth Alexander.

Also, if you haven’t seen it in awhile, the new White House website is live, including a new blog with its first posts.

Scopus, ScienceDirect unavailable on January 10th

On Saturday, January 10th, ScienceDirect and Scopus will be unavailable from 2:30pm until 10:30pm.

Elsevier, the publisher who provides both of these resources, will be scheduled maintenance at this time. Our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.