Firefox extensions and tools to help you get stuff done

The web browser Firefox 3 has some built in tools to help you work smarter, and you can download additional addons to customize your internet browsing experience.

Some built in features:

  • Open up a recently closed tab. Did you just close a tab that you needed information from? You can re-open it by selecting “History” from the tool bar and clicking on “recently closed tabs”.
  • Save (and reopen later) multiple tabs. With multiple tabs open, click “Bookmarks” and select “Bookmark all tabs.” Save this as a folder, and open all of these tabs later on.
  • Find specific words on a page. When you need to find where specific words are used on a really long webpage, simply type in “CRTL F” (or CMD F for Macs). A small toolbar will open up at the bottom of your window where you can highlight every place your word is used.
  • Make the text bigger (or smaller). For web pages with tiny fonts, simply type CTRL+ or CMD+ to make the text bigger. To return everything to normal size type CTRL- (or CMD-).

Firefox addons

  • Zotero. An extension that automatically downloads the information you need to properly cite a book or a journal article, it can also help you keep track of all your sources for your latest project or paper.
  • Bookmarking addons. There are many bookmarking services out there to help you keep track of the web pages that you visit. Two that are used by library staff include Delicious and Diigo
  • IE Tab. So that you don’t have to switch to Internet Explorer when you come across content that doesn’t support Firefox, simply open that page in an IE tab within Firefox.
  • – An addon that gives you the ability to search for books anywhere in the world from your browser search box.

Experience “Andean Textures”

Milne Library announces the gallery opening of “Andean Textures: A Natural, Social and Cosmic Tapestry,” presented to the campus by Dr. Ellen R. Kintz, Anthropology, and Dr. Rose McEwen, Foreign Languages and Literatures and Latin American Studies. The gallery show will run from August 25, 2008 through September 29, 2008.

An opening reception will be held on Wednesday, September 17, 2008 in Milne Library, Room 208, from 1:30 to 4:00 pm. All are cordially invited to attend and light refreshments will be served.

The images presented in the show were all taken by Professors Kintz and McEwen, and Geneseo students Katie Freeman (Foreign Languages and Literatures), and Patrick Geraghty and Katherine Young (Anthropology). These faculty and students traveled to Cuzco, Peru, in April 2008 to present scholarly papers and posters at the VII CongresoInternacional de LiteraturaHispánica.

At the exhibit, SUNY Geneseo will announce its new study abroad semester and summer programs in Cuzco, Peru, starting in Spring 2009. Contact the Study Abroad Office ([email protected]), Professor Kintz ([email protected]) or Professor McEwen ([email protected]) for details.

Where can I find my required course texts?

As SUNY Geneseo students know, Sundance Books is the campus’ main supplier of course texts. Not only does Sundance provide the utmost in convenience, but the person-to-person customer service cannot be matched elsewhere.

Where can students turn when their required texts are not readily available at Sundance?

There are a number of options; some of which may be obvious, while others may provide students with affordable, and in some cases charitable, solutions.

MSNBC recently featured an article providing suggestions on ways that college students can save money on their required textbooks.

Options range from borrowing books from Milne Library and through Information Delivery Services to textbook rentals to swapping books. Each comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. For instance, most libraries do not carry many textbooks. If they do, they may be in such high demand that they rarely lend them to other libraries. Keep in mind that if they do lend them, it will be for a limited amount of time rather than for a whole semester.

Following are a few links that could be of interest:

Textbook Rental

Textbook Swap

Comparison Shop

Textbook Resale

Originally posted September 1, 2008 by Kim Davies Hoffman